Yemaya Spa

Nothing helps us on our way better than a break.
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning-

Only rest is the source of every great power.
-Fjodor M. Dostojewski-

Everyone needs a moment of rest and relaxation in their everyday life.
Recharge your batteries in one of our steam baths or pamper yourself with a massage.
We are happy to welcome you to our Yemaya Spa.

Aroma grotto with herbal fragrances

The aroma grotto is a steam bath variation with a humid and warm climate whose temperature is about 37° Celsius.
Staying in the room filled with herbal vapours promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and relieves stress.
Twenty-five minutes of sweating in the grotto is recommended to purify properly followed by a few minutes of rest at normal room temperature.

Turkish steam bath for regeneration

In addition to the classic Finnish sauna, the steam bath has also become established in central Europe in recent years, not least as a result of the ongoing wellness trend.  The Romans had already recognised that steaming heat relaxes the human body and soul, and that water vapour has a positive effect on hair, skin and respiratory organs.
At 45° Celsius and around 100% humidity, the Turkish steam bath offers ideal conditions for achieving physical regeneration.
Particularly in conjunction with eucalyptus, the steam room can relieve colds.
The cold-water hose in the steam bath is intended primarily for spraying the seating area, but it can also be used as a type of Kneipp procedure to energise the circulation.

Sauna and feel-good hormones

The Finnish sauna is the most famous type of “sweat bathing” in this country.  It is predominantly a dry climate: the humidity is between 10 and 30 percent and the temperatures can climb to 95° Celsius. The Finnish sauna is also a true “all-round talent”.  On the one hand, taking a sauna makes one beautiful, as it stimulates skin cell renewal.  On the other hand, the change of extreme heat and cold stimuli improves the regulation of the heat and water balance in the human body and supports the metabolism and kidney activity.  This relaxes the entire musculature and the body releases feel-good hormones. A sauna session lasts between 8 and 15 minutes and can be repeated during a sauna visit twice or a maximum of three times.  After each sauna session, a cool down phase takes place in the cold bath or under a cold shower.