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Dear guests,

We look forward to welcoming you.

Your Soldanella Team

Dear guests, we look forward to welcome you.

Your home in St. Moritz


“Your home in St. Moritz” is the motto of the Hotel Soldanella, which has been owned by the Degiacomi family since 1972 and is run today by Urs Degiacomi.  It is a home in the Engadine for those who seek a family atmosphere rather than luxury.

It is not members of the international jet set who stay in the 3-star Soldanella, rather it is a special sort of person who returns year after year to his “Soldanella family”.  Newcomers who join in, fit into our family and feel right at home immediately.  The Soldanella family includes many Cresta riders, as evidenced, among other things, by the extensive photo gallery in the Zoo Bar.  During the winter season, the 3-metre-high furry polar bear in the entrance hall holds a toboggan in his arm and in the summer season a golf bag and clubs.

What does not change over the year in the Soldanella is the atmosphere: the Art Nouveau style is reminiscent of the romantic memories of the pioneering tourist years.  In the morning, the breath-taking views from the terrace – over the lake and to the three-thousand-metre peaks of the Upper Engadine – will banish immediately any tiredness from the previous night’s partying.  And if not, then have a “Bloody-Bloody-Mary” – a speciality of the Zoo Bar.  Alternatively, refresh yourself in the well-equipped wellness area “Yemaya SPA”, with its aroma grotto, steam bath and sauna.









We would also like to make our contribution to the environment.
In order to reduce emissions, we made a
“Energetic roof renovation”.
This means, that we will be able to save more energy.

Our contribution to CO2 emission reduction








Endless reasons
to stay in St. Moritz
to stay longer

St. Moritz is one of the most famous holiday resorts in the world. Chic, elegant and exclusive, with a very cosmopolitan ambience.
St. Moritz lies at 1856 m.a.s.l. in the middle of the Upper Engadine lake landscape.
The famous St. Moritz sun shines on average 322 days a year!
Our health resort is located on the south side of the Alps. St. Moritz originally owes its importance to its healing springs, which have been known for a good 3000 years.
In addition to its beautiful location above and next to the lake, St. Moritz offers an attractive mix of nature, culture, sports, business and tranquillity.

Bernina Area

The Bernina area between Morteratsch and Cavaglia has always fascinated us by its breathtaking beauty.

In the centre stands the everlasting ice with the unique view from the Diavolezza mountain station over the Bernina massif, the simple glacier access to the Morteratsch glacier or the moulins in Cavaglia.

With the Rhaetian Railway’s spectacular Bernina line, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the highlights are interconnected and easily accessible.


Beautiful Lakes

Almost kitsch: The lake plateau between Maloja and St. Moritz characterizes the image of the Engadine water domain.

It is at the same time, postcard motif, recreational paradise and natural habitat. The beautiful, deep blue Engadine lakes can be discovered during a lakeside walk or a leisurely stroll.

In addition to the four large and well-known valley lakes, all sorts of small lakes also attract us to the Engadine, be they hidden in the forest or on the mountains or moorland.




Magic light in the wild and at the same time idyllic high valley, inspiring expanse and a programme rich in contrasts – that is the mountain summer in St. Moritz.

A variety of sports that is second-to-none is a matter of course in St. Moritz: mountain biking, hiking, golf and water sports – the choice is yours.

In particular, the varied range of hikes and trails, e-bike tours and the various mountain bike opportunities on bike trails, flow trails and in bike parks make Engadine – St. Moritz the perfect holiday destination for sports enthusiasts.


Olympia Bob Run

Experience an adventure of a special kind: Take a bobsleigh ride on the 1612 m long ice channel from St. Moritz to Celerina. Our taxi sponsors enable us to use only the most modern and safest four-man bobs.

Your sled will be piloted by an experienced bobsleigh pilot and accompanied by a brakeman. On positions 2 and 3 our taxi guests ride along.
A school for beginners is also offered.





Winter Hiking

Of course, when everything in the Engadine is covered in deep snow, an even deeper and purer peace returns to our valley.

You will notice this at the latest when you perceive each of your steps as a loud “snow crunch”: On up to 150 km of well-maintained winter hiking trails, walkers believe they have been transported into a fairy tale.





Ski paradise

St. Moritz – Corviglia, Corvatsch, Diavolezza are synonymous with breath-taking and unforgettable skiing experiences. 60 modern transportation facilities open up on 350 km of snow covered runs at altitudes from 1800 to 3300 meters above sea level.

You, too, are bound to find your favourite mountain here! From the well-known skiing areas, offering close to everything, to the smaller family ski lifts. A great many panoramic restaurants, ski huts and snow bars invite you to enjoy ambiance and prickly après-ski fun.





The high-lying valley of the Upper Engadine – with its comprehensive, 580-kilometre network of trails is a real paradise for hikers.

Particularly when hiking one can experience ancient nature up close, characterized by its contrasts – be it while walking along the sparkling lakes or on a multi-day trekking tour.




Swiss National Park

Unbelievable, but true. At the easternmost tip of Switzerland, the world is still as it was at the time of our great-grandparents; 170 square kilometers of untouched nature, whose development human beings have not interfered with for more than 100 years.

Around 100 years ago, visionaries founded the Swiss National Park, creating a unique oasis of nature. Just as visionary as unique was their plan to set up the first national park in central Europe in Graubünden, and since 1914 the area has been protected; there was not even an intervention when in 1951 a wildfire raged.

Today more than 5000 animal species live in the Swiss National Park; the flora is also remarkably rich with more than 650 different flowering plants.

Engadine – St. Moritz Holiday Region

The Engadine – St. Moritz holiday region is located on the sunny side of the Alps in Switzerland – 1800 m above sea level, on the roof of Europe.

Its sources flow into the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea; its “neighbours” are Zurich, Milan and Munich.





Hospitality has been a tradition at the Hotel Soldanella for over 100 years. The building was planned in 1902 with the sole purpose of providing a home-from-home for guests in the Engadine.

The hotel opened in 1905, at that time under the name Hotel Calonder. The construction was commissioned and the hotel opened by Jules Calonder, originally from Trin (Graubünden Oberland).

The skilled confectioner had returned to Graubünden in 1880 after travelling for years in France and had settled in Pontresina. Calonder ran his hotel until his death, with his daughter Anna and her husband Bernhard Tratschin-Calonder.

The two bought the establishment in 1929; their son Hanspeter Tratschin took over the management of the hotel after the death of his father. In 1972, the local Erwin Degiacomi bought the hotel and renamed it the Hotel Soldanella.

Time marches on, and the third Degiacomi generation is now at work: The Hotel Soldanella has been managed by Erwin Degiacomi’s son Urs since 1987.