ENGADIN/St. Moritz, with its six different mountain and hiking areas, is one of the most diverse and beautiful holiday regions in Switzerland in summer. Between 1750 and 3,303 metres above sea level await you here countless hiking, biking and mountain tours. And don’t forget the 31 mountain restaurants and huts that invite you to linger – enjoy!

Tips for walkers

The Schellenursliweg leads from the Hotel Salastrains past the Heidi hut and ends at the Via Tinus in St. Moritz. The trail is 1.5 km long and the walking time is about 45 minutes.

Philosopher’s path
The romantic, quiet philosopher’s path on the Muottas Muragl plateau leads to a discovery: in the midst of an incomparable view, panels quote Western thought from Socrates to Sartre.

Segantini Trail
Six information boards give an insight into the life of the world-famous painter. The trail leads from the Hotel Soldanella “Your home in St. Moritz” along the forest path to the renovated Segantini Museum and from there on towards the Suvretta area.

Around Lake St. Moritz
A very special hiking trail. You always have the frozen Lake St. Moritz in front of you. It is unbelievable what this lake has to endure when you think of horse races, polo games with spectator stands and hundreds of people.